Many new leaders start out at the Daisy level.  I think this level is the easiest to start with as each level builds upon itself over the years and it can be kept pretty simple. 

This level requires a little more Leader guidance than other levels.  As the girls grow older, they should need less and less guidance from the troop leader, but at the Daisy level, they are still quite young!

I am a firm believer in getting the girls moving - at any level!  Girls don't want to come to meetings and just do seat work all the time!  You'll have girls drop from the program at alarming rates if this happens.  Don't be afraid to get them out of their seats and outside - even if  it's cold.  If it's not feasible to get them outdoors, it's still a good idea to have them up and doing something physical even if they're indoors!

Side Note:  my troop meets in a school cafeteria so I usually have plenty of room for them to move around.  We also take them outside to do activities!

So, what do Daisies do?


Each petal represents a different part of the Girl Scout Law.  Learning the petals (including the Center) helps these new Girl Scouts learn what Girl Scouting is all about and teaches them about the different parts of the Law.


This is the first of the petals that should be earned.   The Center is earned when the Daisy can recite the Girl Scout Promise on her own.  A good place to start might be a discussion on what a promise is.  Here's a very simple idea for a meeting to help them earn the Center. 

Lupe Petal (light blue) - Honest and Fair

This petal represents "Honest and Fair."  Hold a simple discussion of what honest and fair means.  I loved the idea of the Honest and Fair Hunt from Girl Scout Leader 101.  This gets them up and moving around! 

Sunny Petal (yellow) - Friendly and Helpful

 This petal is about learning to be... well.... friendly and helpful to others.  Here's a great activity that a Daisy troop did.  Girls love to do crafts, too!

Zinni Petal (light green) - Considerate and Caring

This petal teaches the girls to think about others, not just themselves.  It helps them to begin expanding their horizons a little bit, opening up their circle to others.  Here's a great post of some fantastic ideas to help girls earn this petal and get them out in the community.

Tula Petal (red) - Courageous and Strong

I would start with a discussion and what it means to be courageous and strong.  The girls may think only about "physical" strength but it's good to point out that courage and strength are more than just being daring and physically strong.  I recently had this discussion with my Brownies and Juniors who thought the same thing.  Being courageous and strong can also mean standing up for what is right!  Here's a fun activity for showing courage and being brave.

Mari Petal (orange) - Responsible for what I say and do

Teaching responsibility should start early in life!  This is a great age to begin.  Kids this age are usually eager to help out.  It might be another thing, though, to help them remember that words are important, too, and can either hurt or make someone feel good.  Here's a cute activity that gets them up and moving.

Gloria Petal (Dark Purple) - Respect myself and others

There are many ways to show respect to yourself and to others.  Girls at this age probably have not thought about these things yet.  Here is a great post with some fun, simple activities!

 Gerri Petal (magenta) - Respect Authority

 Girls this age already have a concept of what authority is (mom and dad).  They can expand on this a little with this petal.  Have some fun with it!  Here are some fun games to play to earn this petal. 

Clover Petal (dark green) - Use Resources Wisely

 This is the petal that will help your Daisies begin to see the importance of recycling and the effects of pollutants on our earth.  Here are some great ideas to help them begin to make a positive difference and use their resources wisely!

Rosie Petal (light pink) - Make the World a Better Place

 A great idea for this petal might be to plant a tree!  Here's a link to an activity that actually helps them earn three of the petal in one activity.

Vi Petal (violet) - Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

I love this one!  This petal shows them that they are part of a huge sisterhood and that they are connected to other girls like them from all over the world.  This would be a great time to find another Daisy troop in another state and become pen pals. 

You can find a lot of help by using the first Daisy Journey book:

This Journey goes through all the petals (flowers) listed above and tells a story for each one.  The books and guides are very helpful for new leaders.  But don't get bogged down!  Be creative and think outside the box. 

Here's something fun for you:

Check out the other videos, too!

Happy Daisy Scouting!

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